Lineage 2 Network Beta will launch
05 February
20:00 GMT+3
Welcome to
Lineage 2 Network!
Sub-Stack Server
Play on trully unique server that combines vanilla experience of Interlude Chronicle with modern graphics and outstanding features.

New Interlude Edition
Style that we privide, is what many were waiting for.
Fully working Interlude Chronicle with new Game Client.
Interlude Gameplay
We believe Interlude is Chronicle that players like the most. That's why Lineage 2 Network doesn't change what you know and enjoy, just improves what could be better.
Lineage II Network
We have created the best of two worlds, the finest chronicle and newest game version. Lineage 2 Network aims to be the server you play for years, the one that will set new standard for Lineage 2.
Interlude Client
Lineage 2 Network provides fully implemented Interlude Client. Improved graphics, new interface, are just a few new features that you will cherish.
Modern Mid Rate
Lineage 2 Network offers set of features that can't be found anywhere else.
We are excited to find out what you think!
Mid rate experience
Speed of progress was adjusted to present days. Gain experience and skill points three times faster, receive twice as much adena and seal stones. Every other rate stays the same as on old retail.
Modern solutions
To make your life easier, few details were improved. Drops from monsters are collected automatically, skills can be learned and enchanted from Skills npc.
Massive Battles
To encourage PvP action, respawn of Epic Bosses happens faster and PvP Zones surrounds them. We want players to experience epic battles, that's why Castle Sieges take place every week.
Daily Olympiad and Seven Signs
Nobody likes to wait, that's why on Lineage 2 Network Olympiad Period is shorter. Heroes are being chosen every 2 weeks.
Faster progress
It is easy to obtain the long horn item required for the subclass. Because we placed this boss in 4 different places for you and gave random spawn times between 6-8 hours.
Useful info at hand
Opportunity to sell your valuables for donator coins via auction house npc.
Buff Store
We have brought buffer npcs so that you don't have to deal with Buff while farming. But this is of no use in siege and other wars. For this, you should start creating your own buff characters.
No pay to win
It is possible to do anything with real money. But it is expensive. Those who want to get it must pay the price. We want to show you the fact that everything is accessible without real money.
More information!
For more information and features, you can come to the Discord channel.

Sometimes to find out what we enjoy, we must overcome the fear and wander in unfamiliar territory. Our team believes in trying new things and introducing solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.

That's why once in a while we will add something completely new. Our plan is to publish Expansion every few weeks. Each of them will add something new and exciting.

We know that some might prefer to stick with what works for a decade and dislike the change, in such case please speak your mind and send us your feedback. We are are making this server for you to enjoy!

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